IBM Bluemix
User Experience Research

Shape the future: be a test user for Bluemix.

We’re building something awesome, and we need your help.

IBM Bluemix is a tool for building the future, and we’re constantly improving it. But to make the best possible user experience, we need to test our new ideas with real users – that’s where you come in.

User research sharpens our craft – delivering you the best experience possible.

We could ask you a million questions, but we’ll just start with a few. Interviews can last anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours (it’s up to you).

During a study we might ask for your feedback on your current workflow, the existing Bluemix platform, or even a prototype highlighting a new set of features. We’ll meet you wherever is most convenient for you, whether it’s phone, web conference, or in person.

Are you interested in shaping the future of Bluemix?

It’s okay if you’ve never used Bluemix. We’re interested in hearing your point of view, especially if you do one or more of the following:

  • web/mobile application development
  • devOps
  • back-end/server side code
  • cloud application hosting
  • cloud architecture (public, hybrid, on-premise)
  • software procurement

Are you in? Let's do this!